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 Asking for your attention ! ! !

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Asking for your attention ! ! ! Empty
PostSubject: Asking for your attention ! ! !   Asking for your attention ! ! ! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 2:43 pm

Hello dear DragonKO members.

Hey, as most of you guys know, DragonKO server will be released in the 15.12-25.12 ( no sure tho yet ) .

Till then, our Support Team would like to see all of you chatting , getting plans , getting friends and especially , bringing friends /people in here. .

As much as more people will join in DragonKO , that way the members will enjoy much more and will have fun in being a part of DragonKO server.

This server will be set as an experience & farming items server .
( The rate's arent setted yet, i will keep inform this topic as far as I will get more information ) .

The reason for making that server an experience & farming server was chosen because make a PK server is just waste of the time , cause actually when your pking pking pking only... dont see here any point.. after 2 weeks your getting bored again.
Opposite, server where you have to Exp & Farm your equipment is much more fun and there is an competation and much more fun from our point of view Smile

Of course, dont forget , your getting alot of FUN in pk also in NON - PK server only !

I will refresh that page as far as I'll get more information as I've said already above.

Would like to see your friends are comming in DragonKO Project and enjoying with us .

Till the server will be released, you can have fun in chatting ( as we got already ) and meet new friends and so on Wink

Thanks for paying your attention.


-DragonKO Support Team.

-Izik Cool

Heyo guys !
DragonKO server will out as soon as our SUPPORT TEAM will get the P.C and the whole files for let you ENJOY !

Be patient a bit, but then enjoy alot ! Wink

-DragonKO Support Team.
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Asking for your attention ! ! ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Asking for your attention ! ! !   Asking for your attention ! ! ! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 2:56 pm

Nice topic and guys please remember , its up to you if you wanan reach alot of players to server Wink

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Asking for your attention ! ! !
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